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[audio]Catalog 1/14 - 5/12 - Truman Peyote
Sweet beats. Check out this Truman Peyote release from the sweaty height of their New Yoga years, early 2008. The hardest working-out group in show business.
Keywords: truman peyote; whitehaus; whitehaus family; jamaica plain
Downloads: 228
[audio]Meadowlarks / Gringos Split - Morgan Shaker and B.Law
it was the middle of winter and oil ran out at the whitehaus. resourceful mausers morgan shaker and b.law (aka "the gringos") got quick to work and put together this split. classic. this is the band that started the hooooots
Keywords: whitehaus; whitehaus family; hoot; hootenanny; jamaica plain
Downloads: 171
[audio]Blastfest 08, Disc 2 - The Whitehaus Family Record
disc 2 from the whitehaus family spring equinox blastfest 2008!
Keywords: whitehaus; whitehaus family; blastfest; many mansions
Downloads: 345
[audio]Blastfest 08, Disc 1 - The Whitehaus Family Record
The first Whitehaus Family Showcase happened on March 21, 2008 at the Cambridge YMCA Theater. Sound engineered and recorded by Shane Myrbeck. (Disc 1)
Keywords: blastfest; whitehaus; whitehaus family; jamaica plain
Downloads: 519
[audio]Peace, Loving. Live 08/15/2008 @ Mass Art Room 181
'Peace, Loving'. Live on August 15th, 2008 at Massachusetts College of Art, Room 181. Also performing that evening were Peace and Quiet, Truman Peyote, and Black Dice.  Score:Fat Breakdown -->Bomb -->Birds --> Decade / Sawing -->(Applause)Halo -->UB -->Chimax -->Ocean -->Deep Seed FishermenPlayers: Brian S. Ellis, Morgan Shaker, Greg Sun, Matt Whales, and Arkm Foam. 
Keywords: peace; loving; live; whitehaus
Downloads: 1
[audio]Illusion of Porpoise - Illusion of Porpoise
Illusion of Porpoise debut CD-R release on Whitehaus Family Record.Tracks 1 + 2:Sydney Kinchen - BassHeather Downing - GuitarJustine Berti - GuitarLucy Watson - VoiceKate Lee - KeysAda Lee Kohl - Keys Arkm Foam - DrumsTracks 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 instrumentalists switch instruments.The silences in between tracks are intentional and meant to retune you to your native environmental soundscape.recorded/mixed by Erich Haygun at Whitehaus...
Keywords: Illusion of Porpoise; Whitehaus
Downloads: 75
[audio]Stay Awhile with the Popsicles - The Popsicles
Sugary doo-wop girl-group pop sweets… hang out with the Popsicles, go for a swim on a warm summer day, stay awhile. Bring a date, your mom, your grandma, your bro, your dog, everyone loves it. The first and only release by the group that was born and died at Whitehaus Hootenannies. Don’t miss out on original original music by Kate Lee, Shira E, Kit Wallach, Def Steph Berry, and Leise Jones! Recorded at the whitehaus by Shane Myrbeck, mixed and mastered in an actual studio! Sounds Good.
Keywords: whitehaus; jamaica plain
Downloads: 510
[audio]Blast of atomfoam - atomfoam
archival ocean sounds from the perspective of mayflower II circa the boats premier launch
Keywords: atomfoam; whitehaus; whitehaus family; jamaica plain; jp; hoots; hootenanny
Downloads: 249
[audio]Hoot Comp, Vol. 2 - The Whitehaus Family Record
they got big, they grew strong. recordings from the first whitehaus hootenannies in spring of 2007. all the hits from debbie, uncle shoe, the meadowlarks and more. plus a track from california’s trapeze and carrots at the first ever hoot feature! recorded in hi-fi, mixed, and mastered by in-haus audio engineer shane myrbeck!
Keywords: hoot; hootenannies, whitehaus; whitehaus family; mausers; treemausers; jamaica plain; hootenanny
Downloads: 635
[audio]The Many and the One - Shane Don and the Field of Light
pre-road trip '07 ()
Keywords: whitehaus; many mansions; whitehaus family; hoot; hootenanny; jamaica plain
Downloads: 303
[audio]Super Outside Mix Tape - craighead, craighead
Craighead, Craighead, Solo MattK, foamerdomer stuffins, SUPEROUTSIDE
Keywords: craighead; atomfoam; matt; debbie; whitehaus
Downloads: 42
[audio]Morgan Shaker - I Can See For Miles - Morgan Shaker
âYou are falling down a dark corridor until you land with a puff in a bank of pure crystalline snow. Clutching your ice dagger and navigating with the warmth of your heart you set out on a hazy mystical journey to the cave of the Ice Queen, with destiny on your side and only the owls to protect youâ This addition to the WFR recording catalogue should please all who are looking for an experimental fantasy in to the dark and mystical world of snow-fi...
Keywords: morgan shaker; whitehaus; whitehaus family; whitehaus family record; jp; jamaica plain; snow-fi
Downloads: 65
[audio]ARKMF - atomfoam
a 25min poem from foam. a late may weed, grown from dormant fall seed. first expressions of banjo technique on tape, four tracks, threw and. it starts with gurgling, and if something’s boring after two minutes, listen to it… it’s a sound i’ve heard before, i’m not sure if i like it… it’s the sound of something being taken apart.
Keywords: whitehaus; whitehaus family; whitehaus family record; jamaica plain; cape cod; atomfoam; banjo; tape collage; seagulls
Downloads: 99
[audio]Darkness EP - Morgan Shaker
Do you like rusty ocean and the strings? It smells like a salt marsh in here. Meet me at the point. What are you waiting for? Another Morgan Shaker release?
Keywords: morgan shaker; whitehaus; whitehaus family; whitehaus family record; jp; jamaica plain; snow-fi
Downloads: 56
[audio]Whatever Whatever - Kate Lee and the Opposites Attract
Space jams and tape collage pieced together with folk songs. This maze of many connections bears repeated listening.
Keywords: whitehaus; whitehaus family; whatever whatever; kate lee; jamaica plain; jp; hoots; hootenanny; whitehaus family record
Downloads: 213
[audio]Flat - Morgan Shaker
take a deep sea dive
Keywords: whitehaus; whitehaus family; whitehaus family record; jamaica plain; morgan shaker; cape cod
Downloads: 148
[audio]The Dream is Changing - Many Mansions
the dream is changing
Keywords: whitehaus; whitehaus family; many mansions; whitehaus family record; jamaica plain; jp hoots; hootenanny
Downloads: 315
[audio]Frolic-a-holic - Avi Jacob
Avi Jacob’s idiosyncratic folk/gospel-roots stylings are undeniably charming. This album was recorded in an empty church and you can def’ hear the penance and redemption of souls all around you.
Keywords: whitehaus; whitehaus family record; whitehaus family; hoots; jp hoots; hootenanny; avi jacob
Downloads: 244
[audio]Put Out the Lights and Cry - Kettle Stitches

Keywords: whitehaus; whitehaus family; whitehaus family record; jamaica plain; hoots; hootenanny; jp hoots; myrbeck; kettle stitches
Downloads: 179
[audio]Blaste - Morgan Shaker
Voted the best record to take back to your 2nd apartment. A “best of” conglamorate of many hard-to-find Shaker releases. Includes the most classic of the classic Shaker hits, such as “TomWaitsForNoOne” “Fruit Salad” and “Los Helados.” Very Listenable, Eminently Spinnable! Doubly Splayable.
Keywords: whitehaus; whitehaus family record; whitehaus family; jamaica plain; hootenanny; morgan shaker; jp hoot; jamaica plain hoot; hoot; jp hootenanny
Downloads: 168 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Peace, Loving. Live 01/22/2009 @ PA's Lounge
Peace, Loving live January 22nd, 2009 at PA's Lounge in Somerville, MA. Players:
Keywords: peace; loving; live; whitehaus; pa's lounge
Downloads: 2
[audio]sampler sampler - atomfoam
a sampler of short works created on a zoom sampler on cape cod in 2000 by atomfoam.
Keywords: zoom; whitehaus; foam; atomfoam; sampler; cape cod
Downloads: 33
[audio]Peace, Loving. Live 08/21/2008 @ Tranzac. Toronto, ON.
'Peace, Loving'. Live on August 21st 2008 at Tranzac. Toronto, ON. Also performing that evening was Sandro Perri, and Friendly Rich and The Lollipop PeopleScore: (Part 1 missing/not recorded) Fire --> 94 Ford Taurus --> Halo --> Chimax --> Fat Breakdown --> Empty Tape Ocean --> Players:Brian S. Ellis, Morgan Shaker, Greg Sun, Arkm Foam.
Keywords: peace; loving; live; whitehaus; tranzac; toronto
Downloads: 3
[audio]5 bits - atomfoam
5 bits recorded by atomfoam in 2004 in jamaica plain.
Keywords: funf; foam; fun; fingers; fade; whitehaus
Downloads: 28
[audio]Arkm Foam No Overdubs / Single Track Recording Vol. 1
Arkm Foam "No Overdubs / Single Track Recording Vol. 1"Recorded directly to cassette in 2012. Whitehaus. Jamaica Plain, MA. 
Keywords: Arkm Foam; Whitehaus; No Overdubs; Jamaica Plain
Downloads: 2
[audio]Salt - Morgan Shaker
Deep exploration in cassette fidelity from The Whitehaus Lion. Who isn’t curious about the first Morgan Shaker whitehaus record? Originally released as a CDr with under 10 copies and no rerelease so far… Try and hunt this one down if you can!
Keywords: morgan shaker; whitehaus; whitehaus family; jamaica plain; jp; blast; salt; cape cod
Downloads: 79
[audio]According to the Seasonal Tilt of the Earth - The Woodrow Wilsons
A lovely masterpiece of sound and song. Hear your favorite classic ‘Dros jams plus all the ones you never got to hear. Sink into velvety vocals, then spin away on the tails of burning ukelele solos. Everything is perfect. Yes. the wilsons are possibly the most popular band of all time and certainly the most attractive
Keywords: the woodrow wilsons; whitehaus; whitehaus family; jamaica plain; hoots; jp hoots
Downloads: 127
[audio]Many Mansions - Return to Source - Many Mansions
blissful, marimba, big white haus, head full of clouds
Keywords: many mansions; whitehaus; whitehaus family record; jamaica plain; jp; blissed out; bliss
Downloads: 180
[audio]Morgan Shaker - Voila - Morgan Shaker
Voila, Spelt Wheat Plus Zephyr
Keywords: morgan shaker; whitehaus family record; whitehaus; jamaica plain; jp hoots; hootenanny
Downloads: 38
[audio]Holy Mountain Life Adventure Club - Many Mansions
The album recorded during the historic Many Mansions Northwest States tour. Sweet folk songs and doo-way-doo-ways.
Keywords: whitehaus; whitehaus family; many mansions; light; sun; life adventure; holy mountain
Downloads: 764
[audio]Pump Your Concrete (Oh Word the Album) - Casey Rocheteau
Pure poetry and smoking pleasure. Collage and songs and sounds and not-sounds.
Keywords: casey rocheteau; whitehaus; whitehaus family; jp; jamaica plain; hootenanny; hoot; poetry; slam poetry
Downloads: 220
[audio]Oh, Oh, Mixxtape! - Oh, Oh, Mints!
cape cod
Keywords: cape cod; whitehaus; whitehaus family record; atomfoam; skeletor; beastman; oh oh mints; oh, oh, mints!
Downloads: 184
[audio]Manners - Live on Pipeline! May 19th 2009 - SUN
Greg Sun of Manners playing solo acoustic guitar. Many family covers along with a few classics and some original compositions.
Keywords: Manners; Greg Sun; Pipeline!; peace loving; whitehaus; whitehausfamilyrecord
Downloads: 13
[audio]The Computer Tape - atomfoam
recorded on WINDAT Voyetra Audio (2 channel basic Wav. editor) for PC winter 97-98 by atomfoam on cape cod. material is "found" pc files and "harvested" computer microphone samples.
Keywords: computer tape; atomfoam; whitehaus; cape cod; hoot; windat
Downloads: 64
[audio]midibeforecity - atomfoam
composed works by atomfoam. performed by midi.
Keywords: midi; atomfoam; whitehaus; composition; decomposition; he's a faker
Downloads: 46
[audio]MANNERS Wintour E.P. - sun
A limited edition EP compiled for December 2008âs Whithaus Family Wintour. The opening songs crackle cavernously and drip with loitering melodies, sounding both massive and minimal. They affect one with all the dazzling captivation of fire without the burn or pain. The meditations that follow are earthen patterns sounding out in tireless reiteration, disguised as the lulling caress of silence. These noises fill headphones like the sway of trees or a popping campfire.
Keywords: winter; whitehaus; white; peace loving, manners, greg sun, hoots, beets
Downloads: 18
[audio]Woolgathering :: Jamaica Plain Bedroom Demos - Lee Stepien
Hullo Good Souls, I am very proud to announce woolgathering's first ever demo/EP/whatever!!! It is music by yours truly. It was recorded in my bedroom in Jamaica Plain by me with the help of Liz Pelly on the glockenspiel. When I first heard the word woolgathering, which means daydreaming or lallygagging of lackadaisical, I was immediately struck with an image. Not the one you'd think, of a little kid pulling wool off a fence at a farm...
Keywords: folk; indie; literary; freak folk; fun; woolgathering; whitehaus
Downloads: 60
[audio]The Cups - Sketchbook - The Cups
Considered by most Mausers as ‘the best record ever”, Sketchbook is a 4-track masterpiece by brothers duo ‘The Cups”. Recorded at their apartment down the street from the whitehaus in the early ’00s, and comes with weird sweet Cups art. Lo-fi, R&B, Classic Rock, OMG.
Keywords: the cups; whitehaus family; jamaica plain; hootenanny; yes wave
Downloads: 196
[audio]The Whitehaus Family Wake Up EP - The Whitehaus Family
so, some poets called the "solomon sparrows revival" were visiting. we all slept well. woke up, made some french toast. recorded an album. this is it. bonus tracks: charles river trout company take 1, on my 30th birthday. DEEP CUTS
Keywords: whitehaus; whitehaus family; solomon sparrows; jon deuce; brian s. ellis; mike mcgee; ian ferrel; wake up; i love waking up
Downloads: 250
[audio]Gracious Calamity - Rabbit Rabbit - Gracious Calamity
home recordings from gracious calamity
Keywords: whitehaus; whitehaus family record; gracious calamity; jamaica plain; jp; kit wallach; kate lee; hoots; jp hoots; hootenanny
Downloads: 220
[audio]Hoot Comp, Vol. 1 - The Whitehaus Family Record
the oldest of the old. talking widemouths popping, clicking, snapping; anything to keep our neighbors sleeping through the blasting, blissfull, beginning. early recordings from the first of hundreds of jamaica plain hootenannies. recorded at the legendary treehaus in 2006 by harry smith. WFR001
Keywords: lo-fi; hootenannies; hoots; jamaica plain; yes wave; whitehaus; whitehaus family; treehaus; treemausers; mausers; the cups; many mansions; uncle shoe; brian ellis
Downloads: 820
[audio]Wintercamp Sounds Sampler - The Wintercamp 181 Allstars
Before Greg Sun lived at the Whitehaus, he lived at Wintercamp and hosted shows there. Read about it in the Boston Globe! The residents of Wintercamp released this sampler that was re-released on the Whitehaus Family Record in 2009.
Keywords: whitehaus; wintercamp; greg sun; manners; ppalmm; omnivore; sea of pam; john the baptist 100% universe; cambridge
Downloads: 9
[audio]Peace, Loving. Live 10/10/08 @ Whitehaus
Peace, Loving live at Whitehaus, Jamaica Plain, MA. October 10th, 2008. First show using 'aromatics' (smell-based compositions)Players:Morgan Shaker, Greg Sun, Arkm Foam, and Josh Caswell (chef)
Keywords: peace; loving; live; whitehaus; morgan shaker; greg sun; arkm foam; josh caswell
Downloads: 2
[audio]Best of Hoot - 4.20.07 @ Whitehaus
The Best of Hoot 4.20.07 recorded at the whitehaus. this is a chronological representation of the night between 11pm and 4am. listen to the hoot swell and crash. first debut of matt ferrell's leadfoot fighter.
Keywords: hoot; hootenanny; whitehaus; cups; gringos; popsicles; woodrow wilsons; greg moon; shane myrbeck
Downloads: 114
[audio]The Whitehaus Family Sampler, Vol. 2 - The Whitehaus Family Record
Hang on to your sled for this sampler compiled for Wintour 2008. You start at the first classic-rock chords of Morgan Shaker’s “SCILA,” slip and swerve through Many Mansions’ “Big White House,” Gracious Calamity’s “Song That Grows Like A Vine,” stop for a drink of water at the Meadowlarks’ “First Person Omniscient,” float away into interdimensional space with Casey Rocheteau on “Beings of Sound,” and land on your feet face to face with Shira E...
Keywords: whitehaus; mausers; hoot; jamaica plain; prince rama of ayodhya; gracious calamity; many mansions; peace, loving
Downloads: 355
[audio]Whitehaus Family Sampler, Vol. 1 - The Whitehaus Family Record
Assembled by atomfoam and Many Mansions in frantic preparation for the Kettle Stitches’ debut at Albert Hall! The first sampler from the Whitehaus Family Record features The Popsicles, Debbie & the Bullets, The Cups, Jake Estner, Brian S. Ellis, Lindsay Clark, and many more…
Keywords: whitehaus; mausers; hoot; jamaica plain; the popsicles; many mansions; atomfoam; morgan shaker
Downloads: 363
[audio]Weirdstalk too set w/DMC & Matt Samolis, + Peace Loving - Whitehaus Family Record + Half Round Recordings
Excerpt from the Whitehaus Family Record festival "Weird Stalk Too" held at Temple on August 20-21, 2010 in Jamaica Plain MA (USA). Two sets overlapping, the first is duo improvisations between David Michael Curry on viola, cello, voice & musical saw, + Matt Samolis on assembled bowed cymbals & voice. The first set transitions into a graphic score realization by the trio Peace Loving (WFR artists Atom Foam, Kate Lee, Brian Ellis) at around 39 minutes into the recording.
Keywords: Weirdstalk too; drone; ambient; Whitehaus Family Record; Half Round recordings; Samolis; WFR; Peace Loving
Downloads: 39
[audio]the guitar quartet - atomfoam
4 -track home recordings from atomfoam in 2003. 4 guitars, direct in, no amp. recorded on cape cod. tascam porta 424mkiii
Keywords: guitar quartet; atomfoam; whitehaus; cape cod; jazz; out jazz; new music
Downloads: 118
[audio]Peace, Loving. Live 10/09/08 @ Bard College
Peace, Loving Live @ Bard College October 9th, 2008. Covering 'A Day In The Life' for Foam / John Lennon's B-day. Personel: Morgan Shaker, Greg Sun, Brian S. Ellis, Arkm Foam
Keywords: peace; loving; live; whitehaus; bard college; arkm; foam; morgan; shaker; greg; sun; brian s. ellis
Downloads: 4
[audio]psimphoney in 3 moments. - atomfoam
A, B, A. A=foamey bedroom music, B=piano removal. recorded in fall 2003 by atomfoam on cape cod.
Keywords: cape cod; piano destruction; bedroom music; 4-track; whitehaus; treehaus; atomfoam; symphony; movements
Downloads: 17
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